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This event matchmaking software application was developed under Bu.Ro.Coop project - Chamber of Commerce and Romanian for Cross Border Cooperation, project financed by the Romania - Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007- 2013 (Contract no 29334/5.05.2010). This programme is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.


Bu.Ro. Coop project aims to create two centers of economic cooperation to provide information, assistence and support to companies interested in developing cross-border business relationships. More then 50 Romanian and Bulgarian companies are expected to directly benefit, while 20 companies will participate in a professsional training course and internationalisation issues. The two economic cooperation centres will create a favourable environment for an integrated, alternative, innovative and economic growth of the areas of Dobrich and Constanta, while having access to in-dept marketing instruments and being operated by three persons each.Among the services offered by the two centers Bu.Ro.Coop include marketing services, participation in fairs and exhibitions and brokerage events.


In this context, the software was developed as a tool used for brokerage events in order to support the organization of exhibitions for Romanian-Bulgarian business. This software is an online platform that allows the companies from Constanta and Dobrich, interested in the internalization of business and cross-border partnerships, to apply to business-to-business events, staged on the occasion of the fairs and exhibitions.  Also the software offers free acces to every participating company to select interesting meeting partners based on preferences express in the special application form.


The Bu.Ro.Coop project is developed in Constanta and Dobrich regions, during the period of 20.05.2010 - 20.11.2011.


BROKERAGE EVENT Date added: 05.05.2011
Meeting B2B – business partnership with Bulgarian companies participating at fair, on 12 of May 2011, starting at 10:00. During this meeting you have the opportunity to interact with Bulgarian companies active in clothing, textiles and... (read more)
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